Relax your way out of any stress by using our weighted blankets

A weighted blanket is what it sounds; it is a simple blanket with some extra weight in it. This bodyweight can be as glass beads or plastic pellets. Or even sometimes hemp or millet.

Weighted blankets utilize a variety of diverse fabrics for example; cotton, Mink, Awesome Max and waterproof hospital fabric. The particular blankets are manufactured because quilted squares to be able to distribute weight evenly and also to add comfort. The weight is based upon the person’s weight and height.

Which are the benefits of a weighted blanket in an adult’s entire body?

There are several advantages of choosing weighted blankets for adults. These can be discussed as follows. The weighted blankets keep to the principles regarding deep touch pressure (DTPs) which is responsible for the increased release of serotonin, which stimulates relaxation within our body, hence preventing the signs of hyperactivity as well as restlessness. As a result of DTP, there is also reduced levels of stress within our body and this prevents sleeplessness or any sleep disorder. The growth of serotonin in our body also helps prevent symptoms of anxiety or depression.

How to choose the ideal blanket for your own adult body?

There are certain aspects, which is to be examined upon before purchasing a weighted blanket. The particular blanket should be about 10% of your body weight to maximize its efficiency. For adults, no less than 1-2 lbs. needs to be added to offer an overall extra pressure. Plus an exact size should be bought that addresses your entire size.